Our facilities feature one 1000m² pavilion for the production of our resins, three warehouses, 1000m² each one designated for raw material and finished product storage and a fleet of deposits in different modalities: underground, outdoor and in-door tanks.

Our administrative offices, laboratory, warehouses and production plant are located in the same industrial complex.


Equipped with the latest technology.

1000 m² and 20 meters high.

Production is fully automatized, being controlled, supervised and regulated in a control room from where we can follow and control on real time the information related to flow rate, levels, pressure and temperature. Likewise, in the control room, quality controls are carried out along the production process to ensure that resin is being produce according to the previously established parameters.

These quality controls are carried out through PC’s and PLC’s controlling 300 signals through 25.000 meteres of control piping and more than 20.000 meters of pneumatic piping.

Euroresin’s technical team has planned, developed and built productive installations which operate according to the latest technology standards.

It is important to point out safety of the industrial complex. In means of passive safety, the lay-out, the building with RF-120 fire resistance, protection of building against electrical storms and control of electrostatic charges during charges, manipulation and packaging of our products. In terms of active safety which relies on automatic fire detention and extinction systems.

In order to meet the quality standard ISO 9001, legal regulations and external control, an internal system of managing and directing is added, which gives the warranty of absolute safety in production and transport.


Planta Piloto

In Euroresin we have one semi-industrial fully automatic pilot plant with two reactors, a 200-liter high-temperature reactor and a 400-liter low-temperature reactor.

This plant is also used for launching of new products and for the development of tailor made products which require an intermediate step between the laboratory and the production plant.


Área de sintesis

Euroresin‘s laboratory occupies a surface of 400 m². This area is fully equipped with cutting edge technology and it is divided in three different areas: synthesis, analysis and applications area.


Almacén de materias primas

We own two 1000 m² warehouses each, with a total capacity of 1.500Tn for the storage of liquid and solid raw materials.


  • Underground tanks each one with a capacity of 30 m³ which store solvents and monomers with a total capacity of 180 m³
  • Out door tanks with a capacity of 30, 40 and 50 m³ each for keeping oils, fatty acids, glycols, etc. resulting in 270m³ of total capacity.
  • In-door deposits with a capacity of 40 m³ each one to storage solvents and other raw materials to regulate the high production capacity of the plant summing a total capacity of 160 m³.


Almacen de producto acabado.

A 1000 m² warehouse for the storage of drums and IBCs for finished products, which allows us to have the proper stock in order to guarantee regular and immediate deliveries to our clients.